Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GISmatters Selects PCI Geomatics Software

Richmond Hill, Ontario – May 27, 2009: PCI Geomatics, a world leading developer of geo-imaging software and systems, is pleased to announce that GISmatters, specialists in custom analytical and visual solutions, has selected PCI Geomatics software to generate high-quality terrain products for its spin-off division, All Terrain Digital.

All Terrain Digital provides high-quality, cost effective digital terrain products, such as elevation data at resolutions as fine as 5m. The products serve a wide array of markets including oil and gas exploration, alternative energy development, hazard analysis, mitigation, and environmental/conservation areas.

"Throughout my 20 years in the geospatial field, PCI Geomatics has had the reputation of having the best software for stereo photogrammetry," said Dr. Christopher Duncan, President, All Terrain Digital. "When I started All Terrain Digital, I surveyed colleagues already involved in this line of work and PCI Geomatics was the clear favorite for quality, usability, and support."

"All Terrain Digital’s interest is in high-accuracy DEM production with a heavy emphasis on streamlining and automation," said Steven Corr, Account Manager at PCI Geomatics. "The mix of graphical and scripting interfaces, combined with PCI’s powerful elevation extraction technology, enabled Geomatica 10.2 to be the perfect software fit."

"The automation capabilities within Geomatica allow us to process and deliver quality elevation products at a significantly lower cost than comparable products from other sources," adds Dr. Duncan.

OrthoEngine Automatic DEM Extraction is available within Geomatica Core or Geomatica Prime plus the associated sensor suite. The Auto DEM module allows for the creation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from stereo airphotos, stereo images and stereo RADAR data.

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