Friday, May 1, 2009

PCI Geomatics New Product Launch Conference - Beijing 2009

Beijing, China – May 1, 2009: PCI Geomatics, the world leading developer of geo-imaging software and systems, in concert with Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Co., Ltd (BSEI), held a 2009 New Product Launch Conference in Beijing.

The PCI Geomatics suite of desktop products (Geomatica) for image processing and analysis and a set of high performance hardware optimized workflows (GeomaticaX) for processing large volumes of imagery data were formally launched to the Chinese market. The conference focused on the introduction of new image-centric solutions for automated processing including the Job Processing System, ProLines, and the ProLines GeoImaging Server, in addition to new products GeoConference and Fox (a feature extraction software).

Mr. Yubin Xin, the General Manager of PCI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the development status, future direction, and strategic targets in China for PCI Geomatics.

For over 25 years PCI Geomatics has specialized in geo-imaging and has been active in the Chinese marketplace since the 1990s. PCI Geomatics has a large customer base and is used in a variety of areas including environment, agriculture, surveying and mapping, data processing, aerial and space science, education, and astronomy.

The conference included the formal award to BSEI as the exclusive reseller of PCI Geomatics desktop products in China, as of February 2009.

“BSEI works together with PCI Geomatics to bring the most advanced remote sensing/image processing technologies into China,” said Mr. Xiaoyang Cheng, President of BSEI. “PCI systems have powerful features, such as support for over 100 various data formats in reading and writing, as well as advanced spatial analysis capabilities. Furthermore, the technology easily automates coordinate system transformations in a production environment.”

BSEI also introduced the successful application of Geomatica and GeomaticaX in the Second Land Resource Investigation proving the strength and flexibility of PCI products in data production.

The conference included over 300 attendees from organizations in the realms of defense, national surveying and mapping, environment, education and others.