Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PCI Geomatics Wins Geospatial Leadership Award from GeoTec Media

Richmond Hill, Ontario - June 2, 2009: PCI Geomatics has won the Geospatial Innovator Award from GeoTec Media for its ProLines GeoImaging Server, as announced today at the GeoTec Event in Vancouver, BC.

The category of the Geospatial Innovator Award recognizes geospatial tool developers that have created new software or hardware that expands the possibilities of the geospatial industry. Final nominees were selected from a large pool of applicants nominated by the GeoTec media audience including GeoWorld Magazine, GeoPlace.com and the GeoReport e-newsletter. With a record breaking voting response from around the globe, PCI Geomatics was ahead of its closest competitor by more than 6 percentage points.

Launched in April 2009, the ProLines GeoImaging Server is based on a GPU/CUDA implementation, and has successfully demonstrated the ability to automatically orthorectify 3TBs of imagery per day (approximately equivalent to all of Europe), with plans to demonstrate an 11TB per day system by the end of 2009.

Accepting the award for PCI Geomatics was the Honorable Herb Dhaliwal, Member of the Board of Directors. “We are extremely delighted to accept the Geospatial Innovator Award. The ProLines GeoImaging Server was designed to respond to the market’s need for a faster, less expensive automation technique for processing massive amounts of imagery. With its open and standards based approach it will dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to deliver critical information on the environment, agriculture, public safety and more; this is especially important in countries such as China and India whereby acute problems affecting millions of people exist.”

For additional information on the ProLines GeoImaging Server, visit http://www.pcigeomatics.com/pdfs/ProLines_GeoImaging_Server_Flyer.pdf

For more information about GeoTec Media, visit www.geoplace.com.

About PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of hardware/software systems for geo-imaging solutions. Since 1982, we have specialized in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, cartographic production, automated production systems, image management and on demand mapping solutions. PCI Geomatics’ advanced hardware/software systems address a wide variety of industry applications including the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, aerospace & defense, and satellite receiving stations. We have the expertise and know-how to turn images into useful information.
For more information, visit www.pcigeomatics.com.

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GeoTec Media Announces 2009 Geospatial Leadership Award Winners

Park Ridge, Ill. (June 2, 2009) – GeoTec Media announced the winners of the 2009 Geospatial Leadership Awards today at its annual Canadian conference, the GeoTec Event in Vancouver. Sponsored by GeoWorld magazine, this Geospatial Leadership Awards program was created to identify and recognize individuals and organizations for both vision and achievement in the geospatial industry.

“We’re very proud of this prestigious awards program,” stated Jo Treadwell, VP and Group Publisher, GeoTec Media. “As the leading magazine in the geospatial technology market, we felt it was important to honor those companies and organizations that have strengthened our industry.”

GeoWorld magazine and GeoReport e-newsletter subscribers as well as visitors to GeoPlace.com cast their votes this past March for their top candidates in the following three categories: Geospatial Innovator, Private Enterprise, and Public Enterprise.

And the winners are:

Geospatial Innovator Award – Sponsored by BAE Systems is given to a geospatial tool developer that has created new software or hardware that expands the possibilities of the geospatial industry.
PCI Geomatics for ProLines GeoImaging Server
ProLines GeoImaging Server, based on a GPU/CUDA-based implementation, successfully demonstrated the ability to automatically orthorectify 3TBs of imagery per day (approximately equivalent to all of Europe), with plans to demonstrate an 11TB per day system by the end of 2009.
Private Enterprise Award - Given to a private organization that has either successfully extended GIS throughout its enterprise or contributed significantly to the advancement and adoption of geospatial technology.
DigitalGlobe for QuickBird and WorldView 1
DigitalGlobe maintains one of the world’s largest image libraries, growing at a rate of up to 1 million square kilometers per day.
Public Enterprise Award – Given to a government entity or non-profit association.
Government of Alberta, Department of Transportation for TIMS WebMap
Alberta’s Transportation Infrastructure Management System (TIMS) WebMap integrates spatial data and imagery, giving employees rapid access to digital videologs, air photography and satellite imagery across the entire Provincial Highway System through an advanced user-customizable interface.
About GeoTec Media
GeoTec Media has been providing guidance for geospatial industry practitioners and a voice for vendors for 21 years as the publisher of GeoWorld magazine, the developer of the Web portal GeoPlace.com, the distributor of the weekly “GeoReport” e-newsletter, and the organizer of the annual GeoTec Event tradeshow and conference.

About BAE Systems
BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP) division is a global provider of software for image analysis, geospatial analysis and photogrammetry. From critical mission planning and disaster relief to topographic mapping, land use management and transportation planning, GXP develops groundbreaking tools used to deliver accurate geospatial and intelligence data—when every minute counts. GXP helps its customers optimize their return on investment by delivering quality technical support and training. Software products include SOCET SET and SOCET GXP.

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