Friday, November 25, 2011

PCI Distributor Geo-Alliance presenting GXL Workshop at the Earth from Space Conference - held in Moscow, Russia

Gatineau, Quebec – November 25, 2011: PCI’s distributor, Geo-Alliance, a silver sponsor at the Fifth International “Earth from Space” conference held in Moscow from November 29-December 01, 2011, will be presenting a workshop on the GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL).

Geo-Alliance recently attended PCI’s Reseller Meeting in Montebello, Canada, where extensive training was provided on the use of GXL technology developed by PCI Geomatics. The workshop will feature how automation, speed and high throughput capability achieved with the GXL can help organizations cope with the increasing flood of imagery that needs to be processed in order to derive useful products. The workshop will include a live demonstration of the system – which is highly scalable and leverages off the shelf multi-threaded CPU/GPU processing hardware – providing processing capability of up to several Terabytes per day.

In addition, Geo-Alliance will be showcasing PCI’s newest software release, Geomatica 2012, launched this past September 2011. Geomatica demonstrations will feature how the new, native 64 bit application results in improved speeds for common processing tasks, and how automation across the platform can help reduce touch time on imagery, boosting productivity.

The Earth from Space Conference is being held in the Moscow Region Vatutinki recreation center of the Russian President Administration, from November 29th to December 1st, 2011. More information on the conference is available here:

About PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of software and systems to process aerial and satellite imagery. The company provides integrated Esri imagery workflows, standalone image processing capability, and large volume processing throughput; giving customers the ability to produce high quality ortho-mosaic products for any project. Find out more at

About Geo-Alliance

Geo-Alliance is comprised of Remote Sensing Specialists who have many years of experience working with satellite imagery – providing expertise in obtaining, processing, and analyzing imagery from a wide range of Earth Remote Sensing Satellites. Geo-Alliance is the exclusive distributor for PCI Geomatics in Russia and the CIS, and also distributor for imagery from leading remote sensing satellites including QuickBird, WordView, SPOT, IKONOS, OrbView, ASTER, LANDSAT, TerraSAR-X etc.

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